PIC number : 915099262
Organizations ID: E10148107

Please briefly present the partner organisation.

A Brief Summary of the Organisation

ASGA Ltd. (Happy Kids, European Social Development Academy, PIC Number is 915099262,  Organizations ID: E10148107) is a SME having its main field of activity concentrated on education, training, human resource development and lifelong learning initiatives. We are an umbrella organization with the network of schools (preschools, primary schools and secondary schools.) public authorities, local governments, NGOs, universities and youth initiatives.

Our main aim is to contribute to development of a society without barriers. In this respect, we support activities targeting participation for all. Our training and conferences mainly concern people with disabilities' education and their integration to society. We want to stimulate young people to broaden their knowledge and social skills and competencies that would rescue them the risk of social exclusion. Therefore, our organization has highly qualified and approved team of trainers, teachers and experts.


ASGA Ltd. (European Social Development Ltd.) is working on the topics of:
• Soft Skills Training
• Fundraising
• Employment and Entrepreneurship
• Leadership skills
• Proposal Writing and Project Management
• Strategic Planning in Organizations
• Personal and Organizational Development For NGO Leaders and Teachers
• Developing Voluntary Services in NGOs
• Social Networking
• Advocacy Management for NGOs


Our web page is: www.happykids.com.tr


The Activities and Experience of the Organisation:


ASGA was founded in 1992 and it prepares trainings for kids, youngsters, adults, parents, training institutions, professionals, and schools and for trainers to improve them and to raise their self-confidence, help them to become happy and successful individuals with the slogan of “For all children from the age of three to hundred and three”. 

As an organization, we have experiences in Leonardo da Vinci mobility projects, Comenius projects, Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2 projects.

ASGA Ltd. - Turkey is an institution and organization providing learning opportunities within the context of the lifelong learning programme and now Erasmus+.


The activities we focus our work on are:

  • Empowerment of children, youth, disabled people, immigrants, women and elderly people;

  • Organizing events in the fields of education, art, culture, human and children rights, children rights, disabled people’s rights, health, tourism, informatics, technology, agriculture, environment (nature) and sports through accelerating the integration to communal living;

  • Increasing and developing the individualistic effort for a healthy, conscious, peaceful, and successful society;

  • Producing and practicing sociological, innovative and alternative projects for:

  • Immigrants, children and teenagers in particular;

  • Physically, mentally, spiritually and socially disabled;

  • Visually impaired and hearing impaired;

  • Disadvantaged, problematical and deficient individuals;

  • Elderly people, women, immigrants, chronic disease groups and requirement groups of all descriptions.

  • Exchanging information and experience, doing research, producing and practicing projects collectively with corporations that seek solutions for social problems;

  • Sharing the information either as an operator or as a participant of the projects, events and activities that increase the attendance of communal living;

  • Participating in these activities so as to increase togetherness, sharing, and interaction in communal living;

  • Providing trainings to schools;

  • Working on human rights, disabled rights, children rights.