Asociacion Plus Project

Asociacion Plus Projects 

Plus Project is an association established in Malaga/Spain by a group of young international people, that organizes and manages international work experiences, training courses and educational programmes for youth, adults, professionals and institutions. It functions as an intermediary organization, which is actively involved in European Erasmus+ projects with its wide partnership net in all over Europe. Plus Project creates Erasmus+ project opportunities abroad, facilitates application processes between individuals and institutions, provides individualized proper educational/professional activities for individuals, groups and/or institutions, organizes specific project options in order to fulfill the needs of Erasmus+ participants in a maximum level and let them fully benefit this unique experience in accordance with the objectives of their Erasmus+ project and European Commission. The main aims of the organization are; To promote non-formal education and organize educational, cultural, social, informational, recreational programs and activities, and other actions aimed at facilitating the development and knowledge of local initiatives and international cooperation programs, within the Erasmus+ program. To use non-formal education to develop collaborations between local and international initiatives. Organize courses, workshops, short courses, cycles, conferences, exhibitions, visits, excursions and other similar activities related to the exchange of good practices, non-formal education and cultural diversity. To create young non-formal education trainers, supporting them to participate to trainings funded by the European Union in abroad.


To disseminate good educational practices of different local and international entities, and organize meetings for sustainability of these types of activities creating collaborations. To this end, organize sessions or conferences on issues of cultural or educational dissemination, as well as meetings, trainings, receptions, social parties and events of a similar nature. To promote tolerance between people from different cultures and social backgrounds by supporting cultural exchanges and volunteering through local and international initiatives, as a way to create a better society, with more committed citizens. To edit, publish and disseminate all kinds of information regarding tolerance and cultural exchange. Organizing educational, cultural, social, informational, sports, recreational programs and activities, etc. Schedule meetings with other related entities and institutions for the dissemination of cultural exchange in an international level. To promote and encourage enterprenership and vocational education and help to form job opportunuties and business creation by improving individuals’ tranversal skills and competences. To create and maintain relationships with local, national or foreign similar institutions, and coordinating actions to achieve common goals. To provide guidance and counseling activities for people on their needs, concerns or projects. To promote a greater understanding of the diversity of our common European culture and share both heritage and our common and basic values. To promote initiatives, supporting citizens, providing them with the appropriate information, tools and training that can help them achieve their goals.

The activities and experience of the organisation


Even though Plus Project is a new organization, it has experience in managing various Erasmus+ European projects with its multicultural and multilingual staff that has 9 years of active participation in many different Erasmus+ programs, professional background in Educational areas and constant motivation in adding value to European Educational programs in a professional and active way. We strongly believe in the importance of international mobilities as a means of acquiring new competences and investing in personal and professional development. As a result, we make every effort to prepare best project activities that will fully satisfy the professional and educational needs of all participants. With this background and philosophy; We organize inspiring, practice-driven, dynamic and innovative Structured Teacher Training Courses for school education staff, in accordance with Erasmus + KA101 program. Each course is being individually organized for participants’ professional and project needs, and given by local expert trainers whom are active in the leading activities in their area. We have a wide trainer database and our trainers are local experts and specialists of their fields whom have been participating or creating pioneer activity and projects on training topic in Spanish context. Each trainer is being searched, contacted and interviewed with a professional and special care by our educational back grounded staff, to connect local professionals with European teachers in order to truly achieve the goals of European Commission’s educational programs and fulfil the needs of our participants. We used to work with trainers/specialists from universities, pioneer associations/institutions, policy makers, individual activists, etc. Our course programs take final shape after a long and detailed field research and program evaluation process with adequate trainer, in order to get the best outcomes for our participants. We organize professional visits for European professionals and teachers to observe Spanish educational system and leading practices of their project topics in its place by establishing the necessary partnerships. Thanks to its wide school, association, university, business, public and private entity partners, Plus Project provides most appropriate and productive professional activities for educational stuff according to the objectives of their project.


The skills and expertise of key staff/persons involved to the projects?

The driving force behind the creation of the organization and its foundation was above all comprehensive experience of members of the Plus Project team, gained through working in educational area in Spain, Turkey and Italy, in which they were involved in the coordination and implementation of formal education, teacher training courses, VET training and work placements and youth programs under Erasmus+ program. When participating in mobility projects the Plus Project team carries out the evaluation and monitoring of programs, ensures the dissemination of project results, as well as deals with accreditation and certification of the delivered projects. Plus Project team is fluent in 5 languages - English, Spanish, Turkish, Italian. As an organization we always give our best in everything we do with our expertise in international projects, professional & friendly staff, strong network of partners, multilingual team, reliable service, honest & straightforward communication


Competencies and previous experience of key staff involved in Plus Project team:

Hatice Ezgi Aktuna, the president of Plus Project, is a graduate of Mathematics Teaching with four years of teaching experience in public schools in Turkey (İzmir Çambel Şebnem Kardıçalı Ortaokulu, İstanbul Beyoğlu Ortaokulu). After having her Master’s degree in Middle East Technical University, now she is holding her PhD degree in Educational Sciences department in University of Granada since 2016. From since her studying years, she engaged in international projects and trainings, and until now has been participated in more than 30 Erasmus projects under Youth in Action, Comenius, Erasmus+ ka1/ka2 as participant, team leader , trainee, trainer, project coordinator in Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, Estonia, Romania, Belgium, Netherlands, Azerbaijan, etc. She acted as project writer and coordinator of funded Comenius projects for the public schools that she worked. During 10 months, realized EVS in a Secondary school in Malaga (CES Santa Maria de los Angeles) by writing ka1, ka2 EU projects for the centre, accompanying students to Erasmus projects abroad as the group leader, guiding and disseminating Erasmus programs in centre, guiding teachers to participate more in project writing and training courses. She also worked for many companies in national and international level by delivering trainings for teachers in Brussels, Amsterdam, Madrid and Malaga; professional visits for teachers in Madrid, Granada, Malaga; organizing work placement for Ka102/Ka103 students in Malaga, and all logistic organizations required for mentioned activities. Her main responsibilities for Plus Project are project management, project coordination, project dissemination, covering the scope and number of activities, quality of services, supervising trainings’ quality and monitoring compliance with their goals and objectives, preparing proposals in cooperation with institutions, ensuring the correct implementation of a mobility project in its every stage. She is an advance English and Spanish, native Turkish speaker. Also acts as the responsible of Turkish groups in Plus Project by developing relations with Turkish and European institutions, especially thanks to her wide school and universities connections both in Turkey and Spain, organizing projects and promoting events in Turkey and in Europe especially in Andalusia to support several areas mentioned above.


Carlos Canón Torrecillas, the vice president of Plus Project, Mechanical Engineer and Master in Mechatronic Engineering, who has an innate curiosity for everything related to new technologies and related competences. He expanded his knowledge of Erasmus+ programs by his participation to EURASIA program in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Afterall he thus gained skills and knowledge of organization and implementation of various EU funded projects with various youth projects. Thanks to his specific knowledge and skills to help the community grow up and organize competitive activities under the Erasmus+ program, he dedicates his experience in Plus Project with communication, promotion, marketing, development and implementation of online marketing tools area. He is native Spanish, fluent English speaker.


Maria del Carmen Galli Nieto, the secretary of Plus Project, is a graduate of Communication Sciences and has been worked in corporate companies as administrative staff for years. She is responsible for financial issues, payments, invoices, arraigning contracts, logistics, dissemination and social media. Also, she deals with VET work placements that mainly consist of an excellent job to get students and Spanish companies together, due to her communication skills and wide contacts in labor area in Spain. She is native Italian and Spanish, fluent English speaker.



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