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Stichting Sunny Days is non-govermental organization established in Utrecht, Netherlands on 2019.


The objectives of the foundation are:

-To enhance integrity and inclusion,

-To fight against discrimination and segregation,

-To create safe spaces for the individuals from disadvantaged groups such as women, refugees, asylum seekers, disabled ones and poor.

-To promote a healthy lifestyle and show the consequences of bad habits;

-To contribute to the intercultural dialogue between different parties,

-To support other organizations with respect to above mentioned issues,

-To collect data and prepare reports on the topics such as integration, equality and diversity

-To contribute public awareness and guidance on this specific topics.

-To deliver the importance of non-formal education in the lifelong learning process;

-To make the youth be aware of their civic responsibility and increase active citizenship;


The foundation does not aim to make a profit. The foundation tries to achieve this goal by, among other thing and to create social and cultural projects to be able to reach the objectives mentioned above.

Stichting Sunny Days have experienced youth workers who are involved in youth work since 2012. They are competent in media projects, human rights education, intercultural dialogue, peacebuilding, healthy lifestyle, sociology, democracy, and inclusion. The group of young leaders conducting national and international projects and they are proficient at project management and administrative management. We have a skilled staff of trainers, IT and web developers, graphic designers, and project coordinators. We have received education in the areas of international relations, social work, sociology, youth work, and social policy. We count with solid experience in the creation and management of youth mobility projects, under the framework of Erasmus+ and Council of Europe Youth Department. The knowledge and experience gained in the past years and also our keen interest in this subject make us want to be a part of these projects so that we could use the experience and apply our newly gained knowledge to help our local community. Our team has experience in working on raising awareness on a healthy lifestyle through scientific information, long-term education campaigns, youth exchanges, training courses, and seminars. We have worked on the “No-Smoking” campaign to promote a healthy lifestyle and show the consequences of bad habits by conducting photo and video-making competitions, flash mobs, and other non-formal education methods.


Ceren Tunali has a background in sociology. Ceren became more interested in issues related to migration during the time when she lived in Paris as an international student and immigrant herself. Her master studies were concentrated on the young descendants of elderly immigrants and the new generation of immigration flows like arrivals of students and refugees from Turkey. Thus, she became interested in topics of migration, integration, identity, and sub-cultures. She worked on the implementation and preparation of the European Union projects aiming to improve the living standards of immigrants and helping to adapt them in the host country where they had to settle in. Nowadays, she is studying master for the second time in Anthropology and Development Studies at Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Having worked within various international environments, Ceren pursues spaces where differences between people can be inspiring. During her professional and academic experience, she has participated in many workshops and seminars about leadership, project management, project life cycle, and communication and counseling to individuals from disadvantageous groups. She also delivered presentations and seminars on the rights of refugees, women, and children in Turkey as well as gender equality and intercultural dialogue. She is highly interested in cultural diversity and intercultural communication at both the societal and organizational levels. Lastly, she is one of the founders of Stitching Sunny Days located in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Her main interest in setting up this foundation is to be able to create more spaces where people from different backgrounds can interact and plant seeds of social change.


Aleksandra Lyutskanova is a youth worker, facilitator, and trainer. Originally from Bulgaria, she has been working in the youth field for the past 9 years and has experience in all Key Actions of the Erasmus+ program, volunteering, youth, adult, projects focused on people with disabilities, as well as other donors. Her work expands through Europe and Turkey, in collaboration with many youth organizations. Her expertise is on the topics of discrimination, refugees, youth employability, voluntary projects, social media, environmentally friendly living, etc. She is responsible for the project cycle – preparation, implementation, and dissemination and through her wide network of partners, she is able to disseminate the project results on different levels.


Ali ULUSOY - has perfect project writing and implementing experience in NGO’s. Also for several years, he organizes different local projects, training, and events for individuals of all ages. He has the knowledge about leadership for school and training organization staff, planning, time management and problem-solving, team building and organizational success, project-based thinking and project management, and result-oriented success.


Cansın Kuvvet - Project coordinator: highly skilled personnel involved in the NGO sector. responsibilities in the Association are; - To give mentorship to students who have compulsory internship in the Association, - To develop projects for grant calls initiated by various institutions and organizations, -To establish and carry out relations with public institutions and organizations, related NGOs and to represent the association, - To design content and materials in the preparation of training programs, -To produce content and graphic design for social media accounts of the Association, - To manage the social media accounts of the Association, -To make and follow up budget, reporting and work schedule within the scope of projects, -To ensure the implementation of project activities, -To manage human resources processes such as recruitment, dismissal, career, performance evaluation and disciplinary processes