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Life Long Education Association was established in 2006, and it organizes events in the fields of education, entrepreneurship, the introduction of culture, informatics, technology, agriculture, environment (nature), and sports through accelerating the integration to communal living. In these fields, we strive to transform the disadvantaged, impaired, underprovided, and marginalized groups of people into a productive majority that can make a significant contribution to Turkey's development and thereby help Turkey catch up with the world standards. We are basically aiming at improving the quality and standards of these kinds of groups and helping out to raise the consciousness of a knowledge-based society throughout the country.

Given our aims and objectives, we develop and implement sociologically-informed innovative projects for children and teenagers, and the physically, mentally, and socially impaired, disabled, disadvantaged and underrepresented individuals; chronical disease groups including substance abusers and requirement groups of all descriptions.

Our main aims are informing and raising awareness of the European Union and its educational programs, promoting self-fulfillment and personal development of young people through educational programs of the European Union and developing non-formal education, intercultural dialogue, international cooperation, and active civil society.


Our organization focuses on activities:

To improve the quality of life of youth through professional and volunteer work with promotion on entrepreneurship

To promote informal education, voluntarism, prevention of unwanted forms of behaviors developing healthy and ecological ways of living among youth

To promote multiculturalism and peace

To promote entrepreneurship programme and new skills in management

To promote active citizenship, solidarity, tolerance, and understanding between cultures.


We develop and implement projects focusing on exchanging information and experience, conducting research, training new entrepreneurs, developing and collectively implementing projects with corporations, both in Turkey and abroad, that seek solutions for social problems and new business ideas. Participating in these activities to increase the feeling of togetherness, communication, sharing, and interaction and active participation in communal life is one of the most important purposes of our organization.

We have implemented and were involved in many local and international activities, based on formal and non-formal education.

We underline the critical role of experimental learning and non-formal education and include tools and methods of non-formal education to the mainstream education. Notably, under the new frame of “Erasmus+” the need of the society for the recognition of the non-formal education and the benefits that are coming through it is more obvious than ever.


We are ready collaboratiın with your organisation to develop amd implenet the social projects.


The organization’s target group is youth between 16 to 30 years old, regardless of their educational, cultural, ethnic, social, etc. Background. Our activities are always based on youth’s and society’s needs and interests. Therefore, YBED has developed a very diverse and rich experience in youth work, having worked in different topics that have advanced its expertise in human rights education, intercultural learning, gender-related issues, new media techniques, entrepreneurship, ecology and many more.


Our association is hosting entrepreneurs every six months in our office under the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme of the European Union. We contribute to youngsters to receive informal and non-formal education, how to build new future and work on new business ideas.


We are part of European Union programmes, where we have experiences in all Key Actions activity projects funded by Erasmus+. In Learning Mobility for Individuals (Key Action 1) we implemented many youth exchanges and training courses on various topics, such as communication, environment, migrants and refugees, understanding the cultural differences, sustainable entrepreneurship, promotion of inclusion, preventation of extremism and discrimination, early school leaving etc. In Cooperation for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices (Key Action 2) we have been collaborating as a partner in two projects, later on we also took part as a coordinator. In Support for Policy Reform (Key Action 3) we have been associated partner by proposing new educational method. At the same time, we are also actively working in local environment and therefore we have experiences in some important local projects, such as:

Providing project management courses in different companies and governmental organizations

Working with local and regional organizations

Providing entrepreneurs skills no new companies


Our activities mainly aim to strengthen the international integration of Turkey by improving the life conditions and quality of children, youngsters, the disabled and different groups of people who are in need through national and international projects. To do so, we engage in collective activities towards the solution of the social problems with the contemporary and international adjustments for Turkey to reach its place in the global development level. Our organization is engaging in activities with concerned institutions and organizations that operate internationally, in accordance with the general goals of the organization. Specifically, we prepare educational projects, and exchange information and experience with different organizations as well as organize trainings and seminars and provide consultancy for the members of the organization about grant projects concerning education, health, environment, entrepreneurship, social, cultural issues as well.